We need more Black Coffees in SA

Black Coffee made us proud once again by winning a BET award. He won the “Best International Act-Africa” category. He showed the world that South Africa is also contributing to the growth of music in the world. Now we can all stand up and celebrate our achievement. We still need to see more of our musicians winning international awards. That will open doors for South African music to be recognized worldwide and it will boost the sales of our music and growth of the music industry in the country.

Who expected Black Coffee to win a BET award? If he did it then why can’t we build on the foundation that he has done for us? The most important thing to do for our music is not to allow any sort of decline in the industry. We must make sure there is growth in the industry. Gone should be days where we look up to foreign musicians as our role models in the industry. We should be able to look up for role models in our own country. Black Coffee has just done that and he should be an inspiration to a lot of artists in the country and the rest of the world.

A few of our own South African artists were also nominees of the award that Black Coffee won. Casper Nyovest and AKA were also nominated for the awards and at least even though they did not win it, it finally came to South Africa through Black Coffee. History was final made when the award which was formerly dominated by the West African countries was finally heading to the South of Africa.

South African music industry will never be the same after this award and we hope it will not be the only international award to be won by a South African musician. We still hope for an award each and every year. That would be a big opportunity for South African music to go global. An opportunity that does not just happen, it happens through hard work. Our musicians should make sure they produce top quality music in the country in order for us to have these kind of opportunities on international stage.

The South African Broadcasting Corporation (SABC), has started an initiative where their national TV and radio stations are playing 90% of local content which includes music. This is the chance for the music industry to prove to us that they are of top quality. They must provide us with what will make us ask for more. It does not mean that they must just produce anything to close the gap of 90% local talent. They must give us top quality 90% music and maybe that would open a door for 100% if the quality is great.

It is a good feeling to win as a South African. When his name was announced as a winner, I felt like it was me winning that award. I was so happy and proud at the same time. Black Coffee is a hard worker. It was long overdue for him to be honoured the way he was. South Africa made it.

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