What really happened that night?

The passing away of Senzo Meyiwa was one of the painful losses in the South African sports fraternity. A lot was still expected from Senzo as he was still very young. To add salt to the wound, his passing was very brutal. It was reported that he died through a robbery that took place inside his girlfriend’s residency at Vosloorus. The house where he was shot belongs to Kelly Khumalo’s mother.

Since his death, there has been a lot of speculation going around regarding his killer. A lot of people has been asking endless questions regarding how Senzo was shot. The public believes the truth is being hidden by the state. The state is still carrying on with the investigations regarding Senzo’s death. The main problem about this issue is that Senzo was the only person shot during the robbery where there were more than 6 people in the house.

People who were present during Senzo’s shooting are now forbidden to talk to the public about the incident. This is due to the investigators’ request for them not to spread information that is part of the case. The investigation is taking too long as people have waited too long for the arresting of the killer. The public has now lost trust in the investigators as they claim to know who Senzo’s killer is.

There is a portion of the public who believes that the killer was part of the 6 people who were in the house the night Senzo was killed. They do not believe robbery was the reason Senzo was shot as nothing was taken in the house including cars that were parked outside. The people are asking what kind of robbery was it where the robber did not take a single important thing that could trigger the killer to shoot.

The other portion believes that Senzo was killed due to the robbery as the story was told so by Kelly and the people who were in the house during Senzo’s death. They are not suspecting any wrong doing by the people who were in the house. They are saying that if Senzo was shot by one of the people who were in the house, his friend who visited Senzo on the day of his death from KwaZulu-Natal, would have told the whole truth as he does not have any relationship with Kelly and the other people who were in the house during the night of Senzo’s death.

Whoever killed Senzo, the South African public is not concerned much about who the killer is, they are concerned about the reason he was killed and what was the motive behind his killing. If it was one of the 6 people who were in the house, they should also explain why they killed him. The public deserves to know as Senzo was a role model to a lot of people in the country and the world as a whole. We are still feeling the pain of his loss even today. We cannot wait any longer for the killer’s arrest.

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