When Is Baroka going to use him?

Tshepo Matete known as Skhwama to the South African football fans is a man of great skills on the field of play. He has shown a lot of skills while playing amateur football and that was the main reason he was signed by Baroka FC while they were still campaigning in the National First Division (NFD) before being promoted to the Premier Soccer League (PSL).

Tshepo has an eye for goals and creativity in the middle of the park but Baroka has not used him that well. He can also score goals from the midfield and he can create goals from nowhere if given a role to do so. A lot of people who watched him play from a very young age are very surprised by Baroka not to use him as an attacking midfielder.

Skhwama is more than talented and he has all necessary skills that are part of the South African football identity. He can do anything with the ball just like Thabo Rakgale and others. Those who know him are even indicating that Skhwama is far better than all the players in the current PSL.

Football fans are still waiting for a chance to watch one of their own skillful players in the field of play for at least more than 45 minutes or if possible the entire 90 minutes. Having players such as Skhwama on the field of play is going to be an advantage for Baroka FC as the opposition will be cautious when going forward.

Now the question that a lot of fans are asking themselves is “when are they going to be afforded enough time to watch the Skhwama in action for a full match”? Baroka can also use him to lure more fans in their games as a lot of people are very desperate to watch talented footballers on the field of play each and every game. Using Skhwama will definitely benefit Baroka FC. The opposition teams will be a bit scared about him which will enable other players to play freely in the middle of the park as the attention will be too much on Skhwama.

As football fans in the country we should demand to see our stars playing football on regular basis. South Africa has a lot of talent and skillful players. The problem is with the European coaches who are not used to our football identity. Our style of play is not similar to that used in Europe at all and we should be very proud of our own football identity.

Countries like Brazil for example, use their skillful players to their advantage and it works for them to dismantle opposition plans. Their football identity will never change even if they are coached by a European coach. South Africans football owners should also instruct European coaches to use our identity at all times. We cannot afford to lose skillful players because their style of play is not recognized in Europe, as this is South African football not European football.

Baroka FC is coached by Mr. Thobejane who is a South African and knows the culture of South African football. Mr. Thobejane should give Shwama enough chance to play and prove his worth in the team and the country as a whole.

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