Wrong turn in South African football

This article is about looking at all the possibilities that took South African football to the bushes. A lot has happened in the country since we were readmitted to FIFA in 1992. It has been 24 years the country started participating in all football competitions but there is still no sign of growth indication in our football. What is the problem? Let us look at the following factors that are leading our football to the unknown destinations:

  1. PSL teams’ ignorance of the CAF Competitions. Our teams in the Premier Soccer League are very ignorance when it comes to participate in CAF competitions. Remember that the players playing in CAF competitions are the same players our national team Bafana Bafana meets when playing for major tournaments qualifications. So how can we expect Bafana Bafana to beat Mauritania while Kaizer Chiefs struggles against a team from Mauritania in CAF competitions? How do we expect Bafana Bafana to win the AFCON while only Orlando Pirates and Sundowns managed to play in the finals of CAF Champions League, with only Pirates winning it once in 1995? The PSL should look at the ways to select teams that will represent them and the country in all CAF competitions. It is of no value when Wits, Ajax Cape Town and Black Leopards are going to field their reserve side in CAF competitions while it is a known fact that Pirates will take the competition seriously.
  2. PSL teams using foreigners on positions vital for our national team’ success. All top teams in South Africa are not using a South African as a main striker. Chiefs are now using Lewis Macha and Camaldin Abraw. Pirates on the other hand are using Tendai Ndoro as their main striker. Sundowns on the other hand are using Leonardo Castro and Khama Billiat. Supersport United are using Jerome Brockie. If this is going to continue in this way, our national team will not be different to the English national team. Those teams are using too much foreign players and that is the only reason their national team is a joke at the moment.
  3. Foreign coaches changing our football culture. It is only in South Africa where a foreign coach is allowed to change the original identity of football. The European coaches are given too much power in South Africa. They are against our own football flair. Skillful buildups are no longer part of our football. In countries like Brazil, a coach is not allowed to change the Brazilian football culture. If a coach tries to change the style of play in Brazil, he is shown the door at the same time. Why can’t we do the same as South Africans? Our football is a shame because of these coaches. If they are interested in coaching in South Africa, they must first learn about the South African football culture before being given a coaching role.


  1. our soccer changed when we wanted to play like European team if u take a look at chippa United is playing a south African football and is dominating all position we south Africans we should be dominating in soccer cause we hv a special way of playing soccer

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