Zahara calls the wedding off as she has a new man

The songstress says she needed a real man and her ex-fiance was not the right person for her.

Though they dated for five years and were set to get married in a lavish wedding that would have been covered by Top Billing, Zahara was so set on ending her relationship to her DJ beau that she returned the ‘cows’ he had paid her family during the lobola negotiations.

“I could not accept something when I knew that this was not the man I wanted to marry,” she told our source.

Zahara said her relationship did not work out because she realised she did not share the same vision as Amaza.

“I don’t want to talk about the breakup because it was an emotional time for me. I just needed a real man, and he wasn’t the right one for me. He is the best at what he does, and I don’t want his private life to impact on his career. He simply couldn’t love me the way I wanted because he was not right for me,” she said.

About her new boyfriend, Ian Sihle, the singer said he impressed her by praying and surprising her with flowers. He had also promised to bring cows to her family the next time he visited.

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