Zahara in Rehab

The singer has been behaving in a manner that a lot of people who knows her could possibly notice that something was wrong with her. She was rushed to Joburg Rehab Clinic on Tuesday the 12th July 2016. She has been drinking for death lately and her fans are worried about her drinking problems.

Zahara is one of the most booked artist in the country and if she will not be available for gigs and other bookings then it will definitely affect her music career badly because she will be away for a long time. This is a bad sign of a career setback for many artists who were great before.

South African music industry is full of bad behavior and it seems most artists feel like it is normal to either use drugs or abuse alcohol. Looking at former artists who lost their careers due to substance abuse, we cannot count them as they are far too many. Zahara must learn to cut bad friends and people who are misleading her. She has the great future in front of her and now it is in limbo.

Currently Zahara is under a lot of pressure to continue producing top albums as she started and she has managed to do it and her career now faces a stumbling block due to just a minor problem that should be easy to deal with. Drinking alcohol is not a problem, a problem is when she cannot stop drinking alcohol. Drinking is part of our lives and should remain as it is, but abusing alcohol should never happen in our lives especially while she is trying to build her career.

This problem will lead to her losing a lot of money especially sponsors and royalties from brands which were using her as their face in the public eye. No company would be happy to use a drunkard as their representative. The more she is taken to rehab the more she is losing money and the rehab is not free, it is very expensive and that money should be used in other important things than rehab.

The moment is now for her to realise that life is too short to waste it. If she loses her career, then her life will never be the same again and she might end up begging from street corners. We have seen a lot of artists before who were living their lives like there will never be tomorrow.

Zahara is no doubt one of the greatest artists in the country and her music is loved by millions around the country and the rest of the world. She has managed to perform in different continents and her voice is the greatest. Her music is also inspiring to many people as there is a lot of message in her music. Losing her music will be fatal to the country and her fans. People are still expecting a lot from her and she should be able to provide them with that without any problem. She must stop bad behavior and focus on her career. If not then she must just kiss her career goodbye.

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