Zandi Khumalo breaks down after being asked about the Senzo Mewiya saga

Singer, Zandi Khumalo broke down during an interview on Massive Metro’s The Shutdown earlier this week.

Zandi was asked to talk about how the Senzo Meyiwa saga has affected her relationship with her iconic sister, Kelly Khumalo and the rest of the family.

Zandi immediately broke down and was unable to answer the question.

The Khumalo family has been at the center of social media criticism after famed soccer player, Senzo Meyiwa was killed in Kelly’s home in 2016.

Kelly has, on numerous occasion, been lambasted for not coming clean about what happened the night Senzo died.

Some have even gone has far as to suggest that she was responsible for his death.

The drama has obviously had a heavy impact on the family, with Kelly’s sister, Zandi tearing up at the mention of Senzo’s name.

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