Zodwa Wabantu says she won’t change to please other people

When Zodwa Wabantu arrived back in Mzansi after being deported from Zambia, she said she was not planning on wearing panties any time soon.

The popular dancer was sent home by the authorities in Lusaka on Saturday after arriving in the country for a private event the previous day.

Zodwa told Daily Sun: “Immigration officials asked me whether I was wearing any underwear.

“I proudly told them I was not and I was also not planning on wearing any.”

Zodwa was held by immigration officials for an interview on Friday before being booked into a hotel overnight and put on the first flight out on Saturday morning.

Lucky Munakpe of Sunset Sound Production, who had booked Zodwa for his private event, said he still did not know why she had been deported.

“When we applied to the National Arts Council for Zodwa’s clearance a few weeks ago they denied our request, saying it was against the country’s values,” he said.

“We then spoke to the minister of national guidance and explained Zodwa would just be a spectator. The minister then retracted a statement she had earlier sent out stating Zodwa would be banned from coming into the country.

“We were under the impression that all was well and we were surprised by what happened on Zodwa’s arrival.”

Lucky said he wanted to apologise to Afrotainment and Zodwa for the way she was treated.

The dancer, known for her sexy moves, said Zambian immigration officials were nice to her.

“They said it was not about me but rather about the laws of their country,” she said.

“I will not change for anyone, but I want my fans in Zambia to know I love them and we will meet in the streets and at other events.”


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